Corporate Profile

Mission of Kyodo Computer (Fukui)

At Kyodo Computer (Fukui), our mission is to provide our customers and employees with more satisfaction, by cultivating and challenging new business fields with new information technologies.

Outline of Kyodo Computer (Fukui)

Company Name: Kyodo Computer Co., Ltd.
Address of Registered Office: 5-4-4, Tsukimi, Fukui City, 918-8011 Japan. 

Incorporation: March, 2011
Amount of Capital: 50,000,000 Yen
Directors &
Corporate Auditors:
Representative Director, President Mr.Haruo SASAOKA
Directors Mr.Masashi HIDA
Corporate Auditor Ms.Takeshi MATSUKI

Business of Kyodo Computer (Fukui)

Software Products/Solutions
  • Digital Signage
  • Marketing Support System
  • Fingerprint Authentication Security System
  • Working and Off Time Recording System (Fingerprint Recognition System and IC Card System)
  • Municipal IT Systems by Cloud Computing Services
Custom Designed Software
  • Sales/Production/Inventory/Delivery Management Systems
  • Web Systems
  • Business Management Systems for Financial Institutions
  • Business Management Systems for Local Gevernments
  • Education Supporting Systems
Software Developing Techniques
  • Programming Languages: JAVA, VB, NET C#, C, C++, COBOL
  • OS: Windows, LINUX, UNIX
  • DBMS: ORACLE, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL